Living Trust or Bequest

You can make a bequest provision in your will or trust, enabling a future gift to be made to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.  Such a provision in your trust can be made revocable, should your personal circumstances change.  A bequest in your will or trust ensures that you retain control of your asset during your lifetime.  The additional benefit of such a bequest is that there is no upper limit on estate tax deduction if the bequest is for a charitable purpose.  As with other types of gifts, bequests can be directed to support specific activities or programs of the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.

Bequests can be of two kinds: specific bequests and residuary bequests.

Specific Bequests are gifts of a specified dollar value or a gift of a specific asset, real estate, securities, stocks, or personal property.

Residuary Bequests are gifts made from the balance or residue of your estate after its distribution to other named beneficiaries and the payment of any and all expenses.