Support Us

The Missouri Institute of Natural Science and its Museum depends directly upon the support and generosity of its patrons.  When you support the Institute with a donation, you are funding:

  1. Our ability to look for fossils in the Riverbluff Cave, (the oldest Ice Age cave in North America, where we have already unearthed fossils of a Mammoth) as well as at   other locations in the US.
  2. Our ability to provide educational programs to school children in Grades K-12 as well to homeschoolers, and the general public.
  3. Our collections.  Our natural history specimens from Riverbluff Cave, Missouri, the United States and from around the world are the heart of our Museum’s collections.  Your funds will improve our ability to preserve, grow and sustain our collections, which is vital for the long-term health of the Museum.
  4. Our ability to conduct research.  Your funding will fuel our ability to study the fossils we unearth and the specimens of plants and animals we collect, enabling us to interpret the natural history of Missouri and the United States in a manner that will allow us all to be better stewards of the ecosystems that make up the precious web of life on our planet.
  5. Our ability to interpret Missouri’s natural history within a regional and global context in a manner that is relevant, useful, educational and entertaining to all patrons.

The Institute and its Museum depend upon your generosity.  Towards that end, there are several options from which you can choose - from making a donation of cash, to naming us as a beneficiary in your will or revocable trust arrangement. We invite you to invest in the future of our community in any of the following charitable, tax-deductable ways.


Make a Donation Today

Make a donation of $100, $200, $300, $500 or more by making your check payable to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.  Your donation of cash is tax deductable.


Real Estate Gifts

As a donor, you can deed any real estate property that you own, such as a house, a farm, a commercial building, an apartment complex or an investment property to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.  The Institute and its Museum has two options to benefit from such a gift: we can either sell it and use the sale proceeds to fund our operations in any way we see fit or we can retain the property for any period of time for our own use, for its own purpose, or to await a more beneficial time to sell the property.


Gifts of Stock and Securities

As a donor, you may transfer securities or stock in your name to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.  The Institute may choose to either retain the securities and stock until such time that it is in the advantage of the Institute to sell it and use the proceeds of the sale for any of its activities or programs or the Institute may choose to sell the securities immediately.


Donate your Personal Property

The Missouri Institute of Natural Science will gladly accept gifts of personal property such as fine art, fine furniture, antiques and collectables, personal collections of artifacts, movable property such as automobiles, aircraft, RVs and boats (all in working condition) and other personal property.  


Gift of Business Interest

You may make a gift of shares of a family-owned or closely-held private stock to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.  Such a gift of an interest in a business is offered to the holding company for redemption or buy-back and the Institute benefits from the proceeds of the sale of this closely-held stock.


Living Trust or Bequest

You can make a bequest provision in your will or trust, enabling a future gift to be made to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.  Such a provision in your trust can be made revocable, should your personal circumstances change.  A bequest in your will or trust ensures that you retain control of your asset during your lifetime.  The additional benefit of such a bequest is that there is no upper limit on estate tax deduction if the bequest is for a charitable purpose. 


Life Insurance Gift

If you have a life insurance policy, you can name the Missouri Institute of Natural Science as the sole beneficiary of the policy.  You can also make gifts to us annually that are equal to our premium payments for the policy; such payments are all fully deductable as well.  When the policy matures, the Institute is paid the proceeds from your Life Insurance policy. 


Gifts of Royalty-Free License

As a publisher, author or an illustrator of a scientific work, you can make a gift of your permission to use your copyrighted works royalty-free in perpetuity to the Institute.  Such scientific materials are used by the Missouri Institute of Natural Science to design educational and promotional materials that are otherwise beyond the reach of our current resources.


Corporate and Foundation Donors

Corporate and Foundation donors are critical to the funding of our operations and programs.  Our mission of interpreting Missouri’s natural history within a regional and global context is dependent on the generosity and support of our Corporate and Foundation donors. 

At the Missouri Institute of Natural Science we believe that our exhibits, lectures, workshops, media presentations and tours are not only educational, fun, and interesting activities for students, homeschoolers and adults, but that our mission is key to shaping and developing the next generation of stewards of the wildlife and ecosystems of our city, our state, our nation and our planet.  This process is slow and takes place one individual at a time, because the ‘experience’ that every individual has from the moment that he or she enters the Museum is unique.  Thus, our mission is clear, but the resources we have are limited.  We therefore seek the active participation and support of  Corporate and Foundation donors. 


For further information about how you can support the Missouri Institute of Natural Science, please contact:


Missouri Institute of Natural Science

2327 W. Farm Road 190

Springfield, MO 65810


Institute: 417-883-0594