Teacher Resources

The Museum’s exhibits includes fossils, shells,  corals, and minerals as well as  a variety of natural history specimens. Choose the appropriate links below to develop a ‘theme’ for your group, or for individual students. You can download each Theme Sheet, review it, and give it to the student/group. Ask each student/group to read and understand the information on the sheet. There may be questions on the sheet; these are questions that the student/group is expected to find answers for during their visit to the Museum.

You may check off the questions that you want your student/group to find answers for, based on their knowledge levels and age. Encourage them to find answers to these questions by looking at the exhibits, reading the display cards beside the item in the exhibit cases, consulting a book at the Museum or by asking the docent or volunteers at the Museum.

The Education Department of the Museum is in the process of aligning the content of worksheets below with the National Science Education Standards developed by the National Research Council.  Worksheets that are in alignment with the National Science Education Standards are marked as being in aligment with Content Standards for K through Grade 4, Grades 5 to 8 and Grades 9 to 12.


Theme Sheets

Structure and Function in Animals - I         Structure and Function in Animals - II

Characteristics of Organisms - I                Characteristics of Organisms - II

Characteristics of Organisms - III                   

Dinosaur Myths      

Predators in the Sea - Ichthyosaurs           Predators in the Sea - Mosasaurs

Predators in the Sea - Megalodon              Herbivorous Dinosaurs - Hadrosaurs

Carnivorous Dinosaurs - Allosaurus      Carnivorous Dinosaurs - Spinosaurus